Some video’s here about being a member of Six Figure Mentors with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbasek, everything I learn from the likes of Jay Shetty, Marisa Peer, Mel Robbins among others while working on my online business and earning an income as I go.
You can also follow the Journey is Yours on youtube!

7 months of SFM and what great things it has brought me!
My journey with SFM started in the summer of 2018. I had to think about a month efore I took the plunge and started to learn how to fly.
With SFM I started to be able to recognize more and more when the right opportunities came along. And instead of being afraid: I grabbed them. Now I am spreading what I learned to others and hope they also will be able to take action when the things they wished for come on their path.
This Video goes with the blog: How to wake up with a smile every morning.
You can read that one here: -Click here
Leaders are readers. We read a lot within the SFM community. My peers expressed how much they loved seeing me unpack the boxes of books I receive. So here you go. Watch and get inspired to read these lifechanging books.