Online business is crucial for (performing) artists!

As a freelance musician, I know what it takes to keep the passion for your art alive and I for sure know that it can be d*mn hard sometimes!

So let me tell you what I have found to be true.
I believe it is absolutely crucial for (performing) artists to have an online business to generate a second (passive) income.

Most artists do not make much money from their performances. So in order to create more (geographical) freedom, peace of mind, flexibility and awareness, why don’t you start an online business?

Because what happens when artists get sad?
What happens when they get frustrated or depressed?

I don’t know who came up with that fairytale of “Depressed Artists Make Great Art“, but it’s absolute B*llSh*t!

Happy Artists Make Great Art.

And since artists are the cornerstone of society, it is necessary to be serious about their (mental) health.

So let me give you a gift because I want to help artists all around the world to start getting serious about online business.

Introduction to you…to my mentor Stuart Ross.
Stuart is the one who taught me everything I needed to know to seriously succeed in the online business world. In this video, he will give a little introduction about online business and what it could mean to you.

So get the video here. –> Watch the Video of my mentor Stuart!
Stuart Ross

Watch it, watch it, own it, rewatch it, understand it, be amazed by it and then let me know what you think about it!
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