Writing has been a passion of mine for many years.
When I was 13 I wrote my full “book” and thought it was marvelous, so I sent it to a famous publisher in the Netherlands.
They wrote me a kind letter back saying I should always continue writing and collecting stories.
I remember I was a bit sad that they didn’t think my “book” was good enough for publishing, but after a few days, I understood it was an encouragement to continue writing, observing and listening.

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I also like to write about subjects that are around us and are difficult for some people to talk about under the category: What happens around us.
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Swans of Prague, spring 2018
The swans of Prague.
I made this picture on a quite cold May morning. Things were not really going as I wanted them too and I was a bit confused and sad.
While sitting watching the houses, a group of swans swam towards me. This was their resting place and they weren’t bothered that I was there too.
I visit Prague often. It’s one of my favorite cities and especially its swans have always meant something to me.