About me

Meneka in Prague

Hello, Good morning, afternoon, evening!
I am Meneka Senn, I am an absolute enjoyer of life and believer in creating your own faith.
Apart from that, I am a freelance performing artist (operasinger), Vegan, world traveller, and a little rebel.
I enjoyed my education at the University of Colorado (USA), The Folkwang Univerität (D) and the conservatory of Amsterdam. Later I graduated my Master of Music at the conservatory in Tilburg (NL).
The opportunities I have pursued in the music business have been very good for me. I have had the pleasure of performing numerous opera roles in various countries. I made my debut at the Markgräfisches Opera house in Bayreuth in 2018, was part of the YAP at Carnegie Hall and worked with people such a Philippe Herreweghe, Andreas Scholl, Peter Sellars and Ton Koopman. In 2014 I founded a successful opera company in the Netherlands together with 3 other colleagues. When I left the company in 2018 I started my own called YALA MUSIC.


And here it comes…

Now I realize that a freelance income as an artist might not be enough every month even though you work your butt off.

So in 2018, I reached out to several people and started a new education with Six Figure Mentors. Through this education I am equipped to start a business online.

Seeing what my fellow students did , I was and still am amazed by the possibilities of earning online and becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

I created this blog for my fellow freelance (artists) to spread the word about how to get started online. And apart from the business tips here I focus on MINDSET! Isn’t that the single most important thing right now?
Covid19 is having such a huge impact on many lives. A healthy mindset will get you through this!

I hope you enjoy reading!