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Hello, Good morning, afternoon, evening!
I am Meneka Senn, I am an absolute enjoyer of life and believer in creating your own faith.
Apart from that, I am a freelance performing artist (operasinger), Vegan, world traveller, and a little rebel.
I enjoyed my education at the University of Colorado, The Folkwang Univerität (D) and the conservatory of Amsterdam. Later I graduated my Master of Music at the conservatory in Tilburg (NL).
The opportunities I have pursued in the music business have been very good for me. I have had the pleasure of performing numerous opera roles in various countries. I made my debut at the Markgräfisches Opera house in Bayreuth in 2018, was part of the YAP at Carnegie Hall and worked with people such a Philippe Herreweghe, Andreas Scholl, Peter Sellars and Ton Koopman. In 2014 I founded a successful opera company in the Netherlands together with 3 other colleagues. When I left the company in 2018 I started my own called YALA MUSIC.

But now, realizing that a freelance income as an artist might not be enough every month, I reached out to several people and started a new education with Six Figure Mentors.
I am amazed by the possibilities of earning online and becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

I created this blog for my fellow artists to spread the word about how to get started with it alongside many tips and tricks for their own artistic journey.

Lulu Kentridge Dutch National Opera
General dress rehearsal for LULU at Dutch National Opera

As a freelance musician, I know what it takes to keep the passion for your art alive and I for sure know that it can be d*mn hard sometimes!

So let me tell you what I have found to be true.
I believe it is absolutely crucial for (performing) artists to have an online business to generate a second (passive) income.

The way I look at it is the following: Artists (in any shape or form) are the absolute cornerstone of the society – any society!
It doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are. Maybe you are a dancer, Or singer-  like me -, or a set builder, graphic designer, costume maker, painter or stage director. 

You are a creator.

Your art makes us think differently. It makes us laugh, cry, frown.
It makes us feel emotions we forgot we had.
It makes us see things from a different perspective.

That is why your work is so important to society.
And many people are actually jealous of artists. Because they know what their true passion is, isn’t it?

We know exactly what we want to do in life, what our purpose is,  and many others are struggling with that question.

Now: As I have already stated: It’s very likely that you just love your profession and you don’t want to do anything else.


Then it’s also very likely that you get paid like… let’s not use a bad word, let’s just say…not a good as you should for all the work you put out.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a problem, because you are happy with what you are doing?


And you can go on like this for a decent amount of years.
Only, what happens when you come to that point when you start dreaming of subtle changes in your life.

I am sure you have these little dreams.
I know for sure I do. They come and go.

General wonderments like: Wouldn’t it be nice to move to a bigger apartment with a balcony or a small garden?
Or even move to another city altogether?

Wouldn’t it be great to get a car – even a small one- when getting the kids from school or do groceries shopping?

Or the ultimate question:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a little bit more TIME?

Time to work on a project that you are passionate about but what is not directly generating money.
Maybe you want to develop a new theatre show and just need time to organize your thoughts.
Or you have a concept for a new collection or series of paintings that you want to start getting serious about making without being disturbed by other things or running off to your day job or a rehearsal for a project you don’t really care about.
And what do you think about combining all the above things with your family life? To have TIME for both things you are passionate about?

Yes. Time.
Time is precious.

Unfortunately, these wishes cost money and that is exactly something the cultural field is not handing us generously.

So what happens when artists get sad?
What happens when they get frustrated or depressed?
What happens when they get worried about not being able to pay rent or groceries?

It will have a negative effect on their Art.

And that will have a negative effect on society.

I don’t know who came up with that fairytale of “Depressed Artists Make Great Art“, but it’s absolute B*llSh*t!

Happy Artists Make Great Art.

Happy artists are what society needs and should strive to get!

So let me give you a gift because I want to help artists all around the world to start getting serious about online business.

Making it happen online and then earn some good extra cash or even a second (passive) income.
I am absolutely sure it will give all kinds of artists more peace of mind so they can continue doing what they do best: Make Good Art.

My gift to you is an introduction to my mentor Stuart Ross.
Stuart is the one who taught me everything I needed to know to seriously succeed in the online business world and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for him and his team. In this video, he will give a little introduction about online business and what it could mean to you.

So get the video here. –> Watch the Video of my mentor Stuart!

Watch it, watch it, own it, rewatch it, understand it, be amazed by it and then let me know what you think about it!
Email me at join.thejourneyisyours@gmail.com
I cannot wait to hear your opinion!

Stuart Ross
My mentor Stuart Ross who taught me how to start my online business.
Watch his video!
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