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Meneka in Prague

Hello, Good morning, afternoon, evening!
I am Meneka Senn, I am an absolute enjoyer of life and believer in creating your own faith.
Apart from that, I am a freelance performing artist (operasinger), Vegan, world traveller, and a little rebel.
I enjoyed my education at the University of Colorado (USA), The Folkwang Univerität (D) and the conservatory of Amsterdam. Later I graduated my Master of Music at the conservatory in Tilburg (NL).
The opportunities I have pursued in the music business have been very good for me. I have had the pleasure of performing numerous opera roles in various countries. I made my debut at the Markgräfisches Opera house in Bayreuth in 2018, was part of the YAP at Carnegie Hall and worked with people such a Philippe Herreweghe, Andreas Scholl, Peter Sellars and Ton Koopman. In 2014 I founded a successful opera company in the Netherlands together with 3 other colleagues. When I left the company in 2018 I started my own called YALA MUSIC.


And here it comes…

Now I realize that a freelance income as an artist might not be enough every month even though you work your butt off.

So in 2018, I reached out to several people and started a new education with Six Figure Mentors. Through this education I am equipped to start a business online.

Seeing what my fellow students did , I was and still am amazed by the possibilities of earning online and becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

I created this blog for my fellow freelance (artists) to spread the word about how to get started online. And apart from the business tipes here I focus on MINDSET! Isn’t that the single most important thing right now?
Covid19 is having such a huge impact on many lives. A healthy mindset will get you through this!

My gift to you is an introduction to my mentor Stuart Ross.
Stuart is the one who taught me everything I needed to know to seriously succeed in the online business world and I cannot express how grateful I am for him and his team. In this video, he will give a little introduction about online business and what it could mean to you.

So get the video here. –> Watch the Video of my mentor Stuart!

Watch it, watch it, own it, rewatch it, understand it, be amazed by it and then let me know what you think about it!
Email me at join.thejourneyisyours@gmail.com
I cannot wait to hear your opinion!

Stuart Ross
My mentor Stuart Ross who taught me how to start my online business.
Watch his video!
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