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3 types of Visualization

Visualizing properly is a skill you can learn. Many people think they need to have a huge imagination or be good at making up fantasies, but you don’t have to, because in most of your visualizations you are first going to use the things you know. And by continuously doing it, you will get better at it.

I like to talk about 3 different kinds of visualization and since I had many questions about it from different friends and family members. So let me share them with you.

Let’s call the first one the Eagle view.
This is when you see yourself walking down the street, sitting in a car, you see yourself hugging your friend or buy something at the groceries store.
You see yourself knocking on the door of your boss, or talking to a client.
You see yourself going up the stage to hold a speech.
You see yourself signing a new contract.

You see yourself doing it. That means you are the watcher. You are the observer and you observe yourself from a distance doing the things you are visualizing about.

This is a very good point to start for when you never did any kind of visualization AND this is a good start for when you are too nervous about the certain event and want to visualize about it.
This way you can still keep your distance but get familiar with the surroundings and see yourself accomplishing great things.

The second one is actually living it yourself. Now you are not any more observing. You are the one knocking on the door of your boss.
You feel your hand holding the hand of your beloved one. You feel the orange juice coming out of your nose because your friend makes you laugh so hard. You feel the wind in your hair when doing on a boat trip with your family.

Instead of seeing, you feel.

This is very important because feeling makes your brain believe that you already own it.
And that means you are getting in the vibration frequency for the actual manifestation of the things you are visualizing about.

Then there is another one: The Kylego Style. This is my favourite kind of visualization because I find it very powerful.
And it is very good for when you are nervous about a certain event and you want to do a visualization on it to calm your nerves down, then definitely, this type is viz is your guy!

Take a moment in time after the event and describe the event to someone else.
In case there is nobody else, write it down as if you are writing in your journal the day or night after the event.
What would that look like?

“I finally had the courage to walk up to Chris and tell him that I liked him ….”
“Yesterday I went to the university for a meeting with my professor….”
“A week ago we moved into our new place….”

The above sentences are clearly about something that happened in the past and now you are writing or talking about it.

This is a very very powerful kind of visualization because it brings back a memory from where you already experienced the event. That actually means: you already own it.

To make it a bit more clear:
Today is June 6th
The big exam is June 12th
Today, June 6th, I write in my diary AS IF it is June 13th and I did my exam yesterday.

it might take some time to get your head around this one.
When I just got into Kylego style visualization, every time, half through my description of the event I wrote in the present tense! It really took an effort to make it work.
But wow how amazingly did that work. And how many things I visualized about manifested in unimaginable ways for me the last years.

The one rule for all the 3 kinds of visualization is the following: Pay attention to the details! You don’t have to see them super specifically, because you don’t need to become attached to the specifics, but at least notice that there details to admire.
I found this crucial for the actual manifestation.

So go ahead and try all the 3 kinds for yourself and have fun with it!
If you have any questions or want to share something, you can contact me with the contact form or write to join.thejourneyisyours@gmail.com.

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