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How to ask quality questions?


In uncertain times, so many of us are looking for answers to our questions.

These might be burning questions we have kept in our hearts for a longer period of time, they are from ‘pre-Corona’ so to say, but there might also be questions that have come up in the last 2,3 months. Questions that pierce holes in our hearts and bring feelings of uncertainty, restlessness, frustration and anger.

My mentor told me that the quality of the answers we receive are a direct response to the quality of the questions we ask.

Let that sink in for a moment.

But what are quality questions? And where can you find them?
These questions have to do with your life. With your Ego, With your growth and anything else you have troubles with accepting, talking or thinking about.
The questions you rather put in the fridge.

Let me give you some examples.

When we ask ourselves questions like: ”What is something you often take too personal although logically you know better?”
The answer to that question might be harsh for your ego, but liberating for your being.

A follow up would be:
“What is something you moved on from that once meant the world to you?” combined with “What is something you love today you never thought you would?”

And if you’re ready to dive deeper:

“What kind of discomforts of your past made you grow?”
“What kind of discomforts are you still facing in the present?”
“What ideals are you still holding on to that are limiting you?”
“What can you do to let them go?”

Peace of mind only arrives the moment you come to peace with what’s on your mind.

So: “What is present in this reality you deserve to come to peace with?”

“What is necessary and beneficial about where you are right now?”
“What is something specific to your certain circumstances that stresses you out the most?”

And something very easy looking but often hard to answer immediately:

“What are the things you love about your day so far?”

Quality questions will bring quality answers which bring quality conversations.
And quality conversations are a priority for a healthy mindset.

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