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Being part of the solution

After a call with my mentors and online community, I feel inspired to write this blog.
Influenced by the events of the last days I ask myself:

Do I commit to being part of the solution to what I label as an injustice? And if not, what can I do to become part of the solution?

The world we live in is a world of information. We are constantly exchanging information with each other. And more information produces more knowledge. That’s great you would say. Yes, it is, but only when we don’t mistake knowledge for wisdom.

There are many things you know. The question is: Do you understand it? Have you gained a deeper understanding of it so that your knowledge turned into wisdom?
We have to be aware of the distinction between knowing something and understanding something.
It is not the same.

We often know about the things that are good or bad for us. But do we understand them?

And when we relate this question to people: Do we understand where they are coming from when they are outing certain phrases we do not want to be associated with?
Or is it just easy and safe to label them as an asshole, a racist, an idiot?

For the Ego, labelling someone else is very satisfying because it makes us feel superior and alive.
And sure thing, without substantial mindfulness practice we are all slaves to our Ego.

So if we want to be mindful, we have to change our minds by seeking an understanding rather than wanting to be right or superior.

So the next time we are in an argument with someone, do we dare to ask ourselves these questions?:

– Can I understand where his/her opinion comes from?
If not, there is some research homework for you to do.

-Can I transform my understanding into accepting?
Understanding and accepting a person doesn’t mean that you agree with his or her views. It only means that you don’t have to carry negative feelings concerning them.

-Do I actually want to understand him/her and accept him/her?
Because if you don’t, there sure is a deeper story to it. Psychologist Carl Jung said: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

These 3 questions are not always easy to answer, because yes it IS so much easier to resent those people!
But a new earth can not appear that way, and so it is our goal to get out of that place of frustration, anger, gossip and hatred.

Let’s become more self –aware and commit ourselves to be part of the solution.

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