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4+ steps to beat self-doubt.

Beating self doubt with these steps.

In this current time, one might think about starting something new.
To learn a new skill or even starting a new study or course to gain knowledge about a whole different profession.

As this might be something a bit out of your comfort zone, it’s highly likely that the little voice in your head is saying: “You can’t do that!” and then we start second-guessing and doubting ourselves.

Now: Self-doubt is actually just fear. And it will try to hold you back from becoming anything.
Thoughts like:
I don’t know how…
I am too old…
I don’t have the energy…
should be just recognized for what they are: Self-doubting thoughts. That’s all.

Even when you are already taking that specific course to learn a new skill and you come to an obstacle which makes you second guess, it’s very likely that the obstacle seems much bigger because it is the self-doubt monster in disguise.

Have you ever been in a situation that you were enthusiastic about starting something new and the one you told your idea to respond with:

 “I’m not sure this is something for you” or  “I don’t think you are up for that” or worse: “I don’t think you can do that.”

What happened to your idea and the feeling you had around it?

We have to remember ourselves that other people do not know our journey. Even when they are close to us, they might not understand the details. The reason WHY. Your reason WHY.

Most people doubt others because they reflect something in them, a certain characteristic, that they don’t see in themselves.
Or because they couldn’t achieve it, it was hard for them, and they want to protect you and suggest you take another, safer road.

And from their perspective, it is out of love.

But we have to remember that whatever we do…some will love it, some will hate it.
We can’t please everyone at the same time. And we don’t have to.

Only overcoming the little voice in your head, the little self-doubt monster is easier said than done.

So here are 4 steps for you!

Step 1:
Recognize that the feelings you have are feelings on self-doubt. We must be mindful about those feeling.

Step 2: Acknowledgement.
Acknowledge these feelings. Often we tend to ignore them or even act like they are non-existent! But with choosing to acknowledge them you create distance between you and the self-doubt monster and you choose not to allow the monster to define who you are.

Step 3: Trace your steps.
See if you can figure out which events, criticism or people triggers the self-doubt monster to come out. It’s important to know what these triggers are so that we can make a plan to do something about them.

Step 4: Commitment
Commit to proving the self-doubt monster wrong by doing these 6 things.
1. Visualize on your goals.
If you want to know more about Visualization, I love the Video if Mel Robbins explaining it and the science behind this powerful tool: Watch Video
2. Stay busy doing income-producing activities, or prepare for income-producing activities
3. Invest in yourself.  This includes working on a new skill, taking part in a course, but also taking time for yourself. Take a yoga class, work on your health with a new diet, do more fitness, read a couple of pages every day, clear your room desk (de-clutter) so you can work/live/sleep in a nice environment etc. the ideas are endless.
4. Mastermind with others. Who is your tribe? You are your mentors? Who are you mentoring? Are you having interesting conversations with the people you spend time with?
5. Learn – Do –Teach/Share: Whatever you learn, make sure you make it your own and then teach or share it with someone else.
6. Affirmations. Create positive affirmations for yourself.  Create a mantra. Come up with a system so to say to get you out of this state of mind.

 It’s normal to second guess yourself but by taking the steps as written above, you will transform into someone who knows how NOT to be affected by self-doubt.
Because in the end, circumstances do not define you. What defines you is how you respond to them.

So these steps will lead to micro achievements and many micro achievements, micro successes will fill your journey with self-confidence and strength to continue.

It’s always easier to remain in a static way than to work towards something.
But with small steps, you will create a new belief system.

A system in which you believe that you can do it.

So be reminded that you are capable to achieve what you want to achieve. It just starts with transforming your mind to say: HELL YES! I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT!

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