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4+ online business ideas for artists

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It’s finally here, the blog I wanted to write for 2 years but it was just never the right timing for it.
Now that I need to adjust to this new lifestyle of social distancing and hardcore isolation I see how my online business is taking off and I am sure that you have played with the idea of online business as well.

After all, it’s very likely that you are also an artist. Either freelance with quite a challenging situation on your hands now that all your concerts, expositions, performances are cancelled and you struggle with giving music, dance or art classes through Zoom, Skype or another video device.
Or you are one of the lucky ones, having a stable job at the music academy or opera choir, but still wonder how long that will last.
Either way: The situation is pretty harsh right now.

But if we are able to use this to our advantage, our artistic lives will flourish soon again.

In 2017 I resisted the idea of online business, but a year later I surrendered to it and nowadays I cannot be more grateful because it saves and will continue to save my artistic ass.
It gives me the freedom of choice. Which projects do I want to do? Where lies my true passion? What do I still want to learn? Where do I want to live?

When you can take “making money to pay rent and buy food” out of the equitation…would you feel different about your day? About your career?  About the people you spend time with? About the city you live in? Would it not change the life you are living right now?
If you say NO, then congratulations! You are making enough money to always do what you want while having geographical freedom and opportunity. That’s awesome! Leave me a comment on what it is you are doing, I would be interested!
If you say YES then read on! (And make sure you read nr. 5!)

fuck yeah! I do it!
You are responsible for your success

Follow up are 5 business ideas. I use 1 and 5 for my own businesses. But I know many others who use 2,3, and 4. I can also put you in contact with them if you like.

Business Idea nr.1
Affiliate Marketing.
This is what I do and with me many many others.
“What the F is affiliate marketing??” you may ask. 
Affiliate marketing is earning a commission (MONEY) while promoting someone else’s product.
Can you imagine what would have happened if you would have promoted products like HumidiFlyer?
For those you don’t know what that is, it’s a face mask. Many singers use it when they travel by plane. I use it and promoted it because I love this product and it gives me a secure feeling when I have to sing immediately after a flight. In light of the current world situation, you will not be surprised to hear that sales were overwhelming.

If you are interested to know where I learned the skill of affiliate marketing: jump to Getting started! and sign up for the FREE video series of my mentors Stuart and Jay.

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Business Idea nr. 2
Setting up an e-commerce site.
Putting up an e-commerce store is one of the best ways to make money online.
It’s not easy for sure, but with consistent work you can capitalize on the shortcoming of many traditional businesses. They have an outdated system and you can be the one with the modern approach. It still means a lot of work to do and learning the skill, but with a good marketing strategy and a unique niche, you can totally make it work.
At the Six Figure Mentors education platform there is also an IMPORT EXPORT curriculum, so if you are interested in getting to know more about this go here: Start your journey

Business Idea nr. 2-A
This is where you create an online store where you sell other people’s products. (you don’t need to do any of the manufacturing or shipping! YAY!) The entry barrier is low and you don’t have to spend much money to get started. If you want to know more about drop shipping, here is a good website!

Commit to your dreams, commit to your purpose

Business Idea nr. 3
Learn Facebook advertising.
Okay, I say facebook but it also means Instagram and basically all kinds of Online advertising, which comes to the conclusion: Learn online marketing! There will be many traditional businesses who will need your skills to keep themselves in the loop.
There are many ways to learn online marketing, just make sure you pick the ones worth your money.
Linked In Learning has tons of courses about this and as SFM members, you have access for free…Just saying. Want to join the SFM, click here <—

Business Idea nr. 4
Self publish a book on Amazon.
Did you know this was possible?
If you launch a book and make 100 sales in the first week, Amazon will take over the promotion! (Here your skills on online marketing come in damn handy!)

Business Idea 4-A
Create an online course or product.
This is similar to publishing your book. You can monetize on your expertise when you sell your product/course to others.

Business Idea 4-B
Start a blog or a podcast and monetize it.
If you create content consistently that educates, entertains, inspires and informs people and pomote it for about a year, you will have made a following you can add promotion to it for products and services.
The good thing about a blog or podcast. It can be totally you. Your passion which you want to share with others.

We can all learn how to monetize our passion

Technical writing.
Maybe something you never thought about but: Technical writers write the manuals for technical products like the new iPhone or TV. So if you have a thing for tech and writing, this might be your niche to make some extra money.
Here is a website that might be interesting for you to get started: technical-writing-services
Also: online Tech support is often looked for at upwork. So if you are the Tech wizard. Make sure your skills are seen online.

For any form of business, success consistency is Key, but I guess, you artistic entrepreneurs already understand that.

I hope I could motivate you a bit to start exploring which side hustle fits you best so that you can be financially more secure and continue the things you love to do most.
If you have any questions drop me a message!

guitarplayer in the forest
There is a version of you who is proud that you took action

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2 thoughts on “4+ online business ideas for artists

  1. Great blog with many interesting opportunities. I didn’t know you had all this experience online. Really nice to read it!

  2. great writing. I think I will need more time to cry and grieve before I get into something like this, but…wow, to be honest: I didn’t know there were these opportunities out there. Thanks – opened my eyes

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