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Small things that matter (2 min read)

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Now that many of us have more time, more space for ourselves, let’s see what we can do about the little things.
Those things for which we always made excuses because we didn’t have the time to do them, or we were afraid they would make us tired, late, cranky etc.

Let’s see if in this current day situation that is still true?
Here are some ideas for the small things that matter:

Random acts of kindness:
-Writing thank-you notes or cards and send them by post
-Write a longer email to a friend
-If your country’s measurements allow it : get some flowers for someone ( you can just drop them in front of their door, no need to go inside)
-If you are living with others, hold the door open for them. Yes, also the bathroom door counts.
-Learn the names of the friends of your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend and use those names in conversation.  So that you don’t have to refer to them anymore like “That one guy…”
-Show up on time for zoom and skype calls, for online business meetings and conference calls. This confinement is a good time to learn to BE ON TIME. Which anyway is a very valuable quality in business and life in general.

Learning a new skill or taking up an online course:
These don’t have to be equivalents of a Harvard MBA degree and they surely don’t need to take up 3,4, year of your life.
I am talking about the vast amount of videos and online education that is available at your fingertips.
Even the smaller bites of information can help you grow and develop which will contribute greatly to your future.
I, myself started the 7-day meditation course a few days ago.
 Just 7 days, just 20-30 minutes a day. To me this is interesting material, I like to listen to him speaking and explaining, I learn new things ánd I can immediately put them into practice!
If that doesn’t give you a feeling of empowerment, then what does?

Learning the ART of listening
Now that there is more time. Listen truly to what others are saying on the phone or on a video call, so that you can answer in dept.

There is no greater gift than the gift of someone’s full attention.

I hope you enjoy these tips and you will be able to put them into practice, let me know how you are doing with them.

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