When the inner voice shouts…

I wanted to write about the Inner Voice for some time now, but never came around to it.
Yesterday, however, my inner voice shouted so loudly, almost angry and indignant that I couldn’t ignore him.
It took me by surprise and right after that, I found a bigger stillness than ever before even though I was in an overcrowded tram in Amsterdam during rush-hour…

When stillness arises and the noise disappears, you are being in the NOW. You are completely present, alert and conscious.
In this state of being there is no pain.
There is no judgment, no time and there is no resistance to the present moment.

You can hear the inner voice. Which might be better described as an inner-feeling.
What is it telling you?

My inner voice tells me a lot about a situation I am in or the people I am with, but most of the time I also find it easy to ignore him.
My mind, the social surroundings, the expectations of others make it super easy to act like I didn’t hear the voice and then he just turns into a slightly unpleasant pain-ball cropped up somewhere in my belly.

Even against better judgment, I can ignore the things my inner voice tells me. Until moments like yesterday happen when it just shouts. Loud and clear. I was totally startled by it.
In the stillness I found after this, many events from the past 4 months fell into place.
It was one of those moments when we smile and think: “man, oh man…I already knew this!”

So: Why don’t we listen to our inner voice every day?
When we do not listen and decide to listen to another and more easy-to-follow voice in our head, we can be most certainly that thát is the Egoistic mind. See it as the American high school movie girl who wants all the attention. Who wants to cause drama just for the heck of it.
Your inner voice is basically silenced because of all the noise your Egoistic mind makes.
And that can become such a problem. It can start to destroy us.

A couple of months ago a friend texted me saying: “My inner voice shouted your name, but I have to rational, logical reason for it.”
We are so obsessed with logic and reason that we forget about the opposites.
 Maybe not everything has to be explained by logic.
Would that be a bad thing? The stillness inside us is much greater than we can imagine with our minds, it goes deeper and knows more about us than we want to know. This can be scary and maybe too whoo-hoo for the ones who feel a big resistance for everything that is not scientifically explicable.

Nevertheless also for them, it can be liberating to see if they can find the stillness inside.

Your inner voice is right.
Have some faith that it will always provide the best for you.

I recommend you to start reading: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and after that Practising the Power of Now, by the same author.

Some healthy breakfast and The Power of Now will make a good start of the day.
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