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7 days of self love

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We can all use some more Love once in a while and for that, we do not need to depend on others. We can give it to ourselves.

1. Come up with a small goal every day for the coming week.
 It really doesn’t have to be something big. It’s more important that you can keep doing it for at least a week.
I decided to wake up a bit earlier. Normally I do wake up around 05:30. But often I decide I am allowed another sleep cycle. Especially when I had a late concert the night before and so I set my alarm for 07:00. But for the normal days, I decided to wake up a bit earlier. 10 to seven.
What I do in those 10 minutes: I make myself a tea and with that cup, I go back to bed. Warm inside the covers I sip from my tea with the utmost care. A moment in the NOW.

2. Call a loved one.
Yes, we do everything by text I know. So that’s why: CALL!
It will give you such a boost to hear the voice of someone you care about. My friend Ales always calls me when he begins his 4th or 5th message in a chat to me.
And he always starts with: “Yeah Meneka, calling is easier!”
Even though I might have a reason for texting, for example being in the silence wagon on the train…, I do love the fact that he just calls and we can talk for real. Especially in a time when we can use a little extra support, a call can give a real boost.

3.(Re)-organize something in your home.
It really doesn’t have to be your entire closet! Just one drawer will do.  
There are always small tasks you really don’t want to do. Things you really hate. But you also know that when you do them, you feel much lighter.
Today I had to clean up my desk. It was the biggest mess ever. After the first half of my Matthew Passion tournee,  there were all kind of things lying there. From USB sticks to journals and children books. And from letters to be posted to concert tops and business papers.
After organizing it all…I have to admit…I felt a lot better.

4. Make a plan to do something fun in the coming weeks.
I hadn’t seen my godsister for such a long time. We desperately needed to catch up and so we planned it. Or at least tried to. There were some failed attempts, but eventually, we made an appointment.  In a month seemed to be the first possibility. Somehow the universe conspired so that in the same week both entire families were available for dinner. On Sunday we had our family dinner and I’ll still meet her on Wednesday, just the 2 of us.
Hello abundance! Ask and you will receive.

5. Help someone.
Yes, this also belongs to self –love. Because guiding someone, being there for someone, helping him or her will make you feel very good.
Last week I helped a friend with a decision to go for a certain job, although he had lots of other jobs lined up. We talked for hours on the phone about it. He is Czech and for sure my suggestions and advice might have sounded a bit too Dutch in the beginning. But he did listen carefully. I felt like we really were on to something that could make an enormous shift in his life. And yes, he got the job. I was over the moon so happy for him. And also a bit proud of myself helping him.

6. Turn off your screens 15 minutes earlier
Just do it. We all know why.  Apart for my evening prayers I now added the habit of massaging my lower legs before going to bed. They have carried me all day long. They for sure love the attention.

7. Turn off your light 15 minute earlier and juts enjoy a good night rest.
Even if you didn’t do everything you needed to do today. It’s more important to rest well so you can get a good start in the morning.

So here it is, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.
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spring in Prague

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