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I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep

This featured picture was taken in Germany by a friend of mine. It’s a cycling road into Schwarzwald. I am fortunate to have people like him in my life. He is someone who lives with a vision and who will execute that vision by taking consistent action which moves him forward.
It’s something I do myself as well and it’s beautiful to see it in other people.
However, around me I see many struggling with making their visions, their dreams, their ideas reality. They keep them safe in the fridge where they grow cold and often will be forgotten.

Sometimes they talk about those ideas with others, but they won’t take action to make them a reality.

And why is that?

Because we are afraid of failure.

Fear is the reason why someone will not take action to reach a certain goal.
And that is a pity because overcoming the fear happens through taking consistent action.

So let me tell you right here and now that LUCKILY: Taking Action is a Muscle you can train. Isn’t that the best thing you’ve heard all week?

Let’s go over some things you can do to make sure you reach the dream you have.

First things First:
What is your dream?
And yes you can make it big! Everything is possible.
Then: Write it down.
In one of my mastermind groups, someone wanted to write a book.
Well, that is a huge thing! How do you start with that?
This dream has been in his head for more than 10 years! But he never even wrote even a single page for his book.  Every time he wanted to start he became super overwhelmed.
I understand this. I mean…where do you start? How do you even wrap your head around something like that?
your dreams deserve your attention

First: There are probably some limiting beliefs you have to kick out of your head, so:

  1. Identify what worries you and write them down.
    One of the main worries will probably be something like:
    -My partner/family/friends/ spouse will think this is a stupid idea.
    -I don’t have money to invest.
    -I don’t have the skills.
    -I am not good enough.
  2. Go over all the worries you wrote down and ask yourself:
    A) Is this true?
    B) Is there something I can do about it?For example the “I don’t have money to invest”…is that really true? Go over everything you spend in a day, in a week and see for yourself where you can cut back a bit to save up for an investment in your dreams.
    You don’t have to stop living. Sure you will go to that birthday party and will have lunch on Saturday with your best friends.
    But the extra coffee in that quite overpriced place, you really don’t have to buy…
    When I started with SFM I needed to invest quite a lot of money, so at first, it put me off a bit.
    “Could I manage that?”
    But my inner voice just shouted: DO IT!
    Today I am happy I made that step.
    Yes, I cut back on some things and I do not miss them at all.
    Instead, I have grown richer investing in myself, in my dreams, in my growth alongside an amazing community.

    Another example when you are worried about the: “I don’t have the skills” -worry.
    …Maybe this is true…for now!
    But ask yourself if :
    “Is there something I can do about it?” followed by:
    “Do I know someone who has those skills?”
    “Or do I know someone who might know someone who can show me?”
    “Or someone who can teach me?”
    There is always a way when you are genuinely curious and want to learn.
    do it anyway mel robbins
    I wanted to know more about stage direction for some years and I have been involved in some theatre productions, but this winter it was time to take things to the next level. Only I really shitted in my pants for that. And so I was dreading the call to the Dutch National Opera to ask the guest stage director if I could sit in at the rehearsals of a production he was doing. I was afraid they would say NO.
    Why? no particular reason. Just my stupid mind playing tricks on me.
    In my head, the little voice said: “Why would they allow you at those rehearsals where there are only the cast and team present? And You have absolutely nothing to do with them. You would just be in the way!”
    But I pulled myself together and asked.
    They let me in. I even got a pass to go in and out without any hassle.
    Being there opened the door to some great opportunities. I am super grateful I overcame that fear and I was positively surprised how they responded to my honest curiosity. That is when I figured out that: CURIOSITY is the OPPOSITE of FEAR.
    So now that you are done with your fears and have identified your dream:

    Use the ladder!

    climbing the ladder
    Yes, you are sitting on the ground and there is a big ladder in front of you. On top of that stands your dream.

    Now it’s up to you to use all the steps the ladder presents to you. Some of the steps will have their own ladder in itself and so you build slowly towards your dream.

    A couple of years ago, I wanted to start my own opera company with a couple of my colleagues.
    That was the dream standing on top of the ladder. And believe me…only staring up along this huge ladder felt like: “Let’s NOT do this!”

    One of the things we had to do was launching a crowdfunding campaign. This in itself stood also on top of a ladder because there were many baby-steps we had to take before we were able to launch.

    Or when we go back to the example of writing a book.
    What do you need to know before you start?
    Maybe this: HOW does one write a book?

    Write down what the things are you have to address

    And the next question: Do I know someone who has written a book?
    –> NO? Well, do I know an author that I admire? Yes? Could I contact that author? Sure, the internet is your best buddy!
    –>YES? Well, what about calling/emailing that person to have coffee and ask how he/she started?

    And so you create your own family tree of ladders with steps, little steps, little actions which all reach towards your dream.
    Every day you can take a small action. It doesn’t have to be huge. Keep breaking down your actions to something you can really do and what will be sustainable.

    This way you will exercise your Taking Action muscle.

    It will make your day purposeful and you can wake up with a smile.

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