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Success is a Team Sport

origami heart success is a teamsport

Recently I was reminded of something my dad taught me when I was much younger.
“You need to create your team. Choose carefully who you choose for it. “
Later while watching Roger Federer win his zillion Grand Slam he added: “He has a great team.”

my father and me
My father and me, Czech Republic 2018

And it is true. We need a team. It can vary in size and it can change along the way. With certain projects you might have a completely different one.
It’s your choice who you put in this team. You don’t even have to tell them. You know it yourself.
They are people who serve as light beakers along your way who help you to reach the things you want from life.
They are people who can give you advice, they are the shoulders on which you cry, they are those that criticize you to make because they believe you can make whatever it is more beautiful.
They are the ones that see the immense potential in you when you don’t see it yourself.
The ones that cheer for you and the ones that question your actions. They are loyal mirrors in your life.

Sure, we want to be a star artist. We want to make amazing selfies in the most dazzling costumes designed by worlds leading designers.
We want to shine on stage, bowing for thousands of people, be adored and admired.
We want to earn loads of money only pursuing our passions. Travelling the world and always get first class tickets to the shows we like.

pop concerts, lots of people

But, to achieve all that:
Where is your team? You need a loyal, fun, joyful and critical team around you. You need mentors, friends, colleagues, teachers who add value to your journey.
Without them, it all goes so much slower.

Your team can be the key to a successful and fulfilling life.
And once you have your team. You realize it’s not about money or luxurious designer bags, it’s about something else.

Here is a story…

One of my colleagues was asked to join a pretty famous radio show. Good money and a lot of promotion involved, which hopefully would lead to some more fame. Because that is what he wants. He wants to be a famous singer.  He has his goals and that’s great! I always encourage him to go after his goals.
During these shows he would be singing with his loyal ensemble of string players,  only he does want to be featured ONLY as a soloist in all the promo advertisement by the company.
I was surprised to hear this. I think it’s the biggest misstep you can make for an upcoming artist.
Why would you want to keep your loyal companions, your teammates, those who have joined you for many years OUT of any promotions for this particular show?

What do you think?
Do you think your partners out would make you less of a success?

I guess feeling really successful comes together with the quality of your relationships of every day and the emotions you experience with it.
And this way you will know who belongs in your team to reach for the stars.

Performing Cherubino
With my business partner as Susanna and Cherubino. We can drink each other’s blood sometimes, but we need each other on the team as well.

Inspired by Geoffrey James I came up with a couple of questions to ask yourself when you feel like an unsuccessful person at the end of the food chain and have no idea which persons could be supporting you on your mission.

1) Have I made those I love, feel loved?
And seriously I am not talking about all the time telling the people around you how much you appreciate them. It would be a pain in the ass.
But there are small things you can do for them, even if it is just a “thank you for the ride to the station!”
Recently I had my friend Pilar from Spain sent out a package with origami hearts to someone super dear to me in the Czech Republic. Sending out these kinds of packages all around the world is her business, so I would also support her in that. At the same time, it would make a person who means a lot to me and who goes through a challenging time very happy.
A small effort on my side actually with quite a big impact on an emotional level. He is someone on my team because he inspires me. Maybe he is not the one I discuss things with on a daily basis, but his energy is always with me. You see? Even when people are not physically around, can still be on my team for success.

Inspired by Pilars origami heart business I made some myself and gave them out as toitoi’s at my next concert with a small message inside.
Again, small effort but bringing a lot of light.

origami heart https://www.etsy.com/shop/worthwhilehearts
Pilar’s Worthwhile Hearts business
Order a package of love!
–> Have a look and order here! <–

2) Have I avoided unkind words and deeds?
In the world of auditioning, being rejected and the crazy amount of competitors it’s easy to be unkind. It’s also easy to manipulate.
As people do things out of either inspiration or manipulation which has only a threat of an invisible line between them, be can be very hard not to say things you’ll regret afterwards.
But it is definitely a challenge for your inner growth.
because in the end:
knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when to say it
Right before my final Master Exam, my friend Yoni listened to the entire Art-Song part of the exam. He was quite critical, mentioned some things I really had to take care of.
At first, I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping he would like it more.
After the exam, he ran up to me. Happy that I changed some of the things we had talked about and that it all was so much more believable.
I realized that, OF COURSE, he told me his criticism at first. He is in my team and wants to see me flourish. I should not have expected anything less.

part of my team for success
Part of my team at my final MMus

3) Have I collected some beautiful memories?
And really it doesn’t have to be spring – dresses – fairylike – dance parties on the beach.
Today at my rehearsal, which continued on and on without a break and seriously I couldn’t concentrate anymore, my colleague next to me suddenly said: “Oh this is the most beautiful part of the piece!”
I looked at her while she closed her eyes and drowned in the music.
“Don’t be such a  pussy!” I said to her. We had a laugh. It was fun. It was a nice moment taken out of our daily life. There are many moments like this, but we do not realize them enough. these are people who are on my team as well. Maybe they often stand at the sideline. But they do cheer me on. Cherish them and you will feel your daily success.

Team soprano
Team soprano for Matthew Passion

4) Have I helped someone less fortunate?
You really do not have to sign up for the various charity organizations that inhabit the earth to help the less fortunate.
Someone can feel less fortunate because of something that just happened to them.
Who are they? Do you know? Do you have them around? Maybe some of your closest friends can feel less fortunate from time to time.
The other day I send out an audition call to my friend Anna in Berlin. One of the roles which would be auditioned would be absolutely perfect for her.
She wrote me back that this absolutely made her day. She was grateful to have received this message from me because she just suffered an experience where her colleague singers treated her with hostility. She was super happy that I was one of the colleagues who didn’t do that.
Again a small action from my side (sending the audition advertisement)  which turns out to be a success for her emotions.
I am happy that I could be of service to her. That already made this a success.
message from my friend
5) Have I felt grateful for the incredible gift of being alive?
NO not some spiritual whoowhoo here, now here it gets interesting!
Seriously you don’t have to pray day and night and talk to God about what you are grateful for.
But, although feeling truly Success means something different for everyone, there is a common feeling which walks hand in hand with it and that is


Every morning when my alarm goes off I think what it is I am grateful for. And yes sometimes it takes me 30 minutes!
Sure I can write down every day: Oh I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my supportive parents, for my sweet brother.
Sure. I am.
That is easy.
But what are you grateful for that doesn’t belong to the obvious?

Today I wrote down: I am grateful to slowly be able to forgive others more easily.
And that is the truth.
Because of the intense Self-development, I am going through I am able to change my thinking and thus change my life for the better.
With the help of the Six Figure Mentors and others like Mel Robins and Jay Shetty,  I am able to change my mindset, which is absolutely amazing.
So today I was grateful to have the courage, the guts to do that, for taking action and being deliberate on becoming a better person.
And when you do that opportunities will arise one by one.

I hope you feel inspired to think about who you want on your team to shoot for the stars.

spring in prague
Prague spring ’18

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