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Freelance Financial worries

Let’s talk about money and our mindset related to money.

Before I dive in here, let’s be clear about 2 concepts.
1. Financial problems.
2. Financial worries.

These are two different things.

Financial problems are problems that are caused by an external figure. For example, you played a gig 3 months ago but they still did not pay you. You sent them your invoice and heard nothing back. You counted on that money because it is part of your rent and now you feel bad asking friends or family to help you with next month rent-money. This is a serious thing and can drain our energy.

The best thing you can do in this situation is Take Huge Action to get the money.
Do not avoid the situation.
‘Why?’ do you ask?
Because avoiding it will empower the default mindset that most freelance artists already have about money.
Being: Do I really deserve/need this money? Well….YES
1. Yes, you do because you made a deal about your gig and the money that you would get for it.
2. Yes, you do because you are putting in the work.
3. Yes, you do because the romantic idea of the starving artist is not so romantic after all.
Making yourself small and under estimating your craft will enhance the monster of your default mindset.

Unfortunately, we often deal with projects that can barely keep their head from drowning and no contracts where all rights are described and signed.  So sometimes you will not get your money.
Yes, that sucks.
But it makes a difference if you at least try seriously to get it or just let it be without doing anything about it because you feel awkward asking for it.
The last option will enhance your default mindset and that is not what we  should be trying to pursue.
I once had this problem. I was waiting for 6 months for my money. Calling, emailing, messaging.  They made a mistake somewhere and it was a mess they couldn’t solve. Actually, the organization was just a mess as it turned out and they also stopped existing eventually.
But before that, I got quite upset because the progress just took so long. Now I feel compassion for them. Not everyone can be well organized. When it started to drain the energy out of me and made me anxious, I quit it and hoped they used my money for something productive.
So yes, sometimes you have to know when to quit the battle, but at least: make one. Don’t just leave it because you are afraid.
Change your default mode to: “My playing/ singing/ service is so good, I deserve to be paid!”


These worries are your default mindset. You have a job, you have enough gigs or freelance work lined up for the coming two seasons, but you are still worrying about money.
To help you overcome these worries you need to get to the root of WHY you are worried? What triggers you to worry about money?
Any thinking pattern that does not serve you can be solved by yourself! Isn’t that incredible?
If you think: I am not good with money
Guess what?
You are probably not good with money.
Don’t make your default thinking of:” I am not good with money” be an excuse for exactly that.
We learn how to deal with money from our parents.
If you have been living in a household where your parents were always complaining about money, how they didn’t have it, how everything was too expensive, the food, the bills, the school, your piano lessons, you bet that all this is stored somewhere in your brain and has created a default mindset about money.
So again: Ask yourself: What triggers me to worry about money?
And be honest with yourself. Are you worrying because you like to worry?
Are you used to worry?
Without worry, do you feel empty?
feeling fulfilled

Sometimes we have to make a bigger spending decision than we would like and this causes a lot of worries as well. Especially when it comes to investing in ourselves, in our on education, health, mindset, then we tend to NOT want to spend money on it, although it’s one of the best things you can do.
When I joined the SFM, I had no money to get up to the ELITE level. But I did it anyway because it was my gut telling me: DO IT!  But I worried about it a lot in the first weeks. Now 5 months later it was the best decision in a long time.
Retrain your mind

Not all worries are bad worries though.
There are 2 kinds. Destructive worries and productive ones.

Destructive worries: You worry about if you can pay next month rent – you feel a bit anxious – to lighten your day you go shopping – after buying that amazing new blouse you feel only good for a few minutes- you worry more because you realize you might not have the money to have bought that blouse – you return it – returning it will make you think: Yeah you see I don’t have money / I have money problems/ I am sad that I can not buy this blouse – all that will make you feel like a loser – you will start to worry more about money.
You get the picture I am sure?
Thoughts like this strengthen your worried default mindset.

Productive worries: Very easy- worries that make you Take Huge Action to do something about it.
And on this topic to ‘work on some money producing activities’.

So as a conclusion: Worries about money are not bad per sé. As long as they are productive they can make you take action and create a life you love. Just make sure it’s exactly that and nothing else.

If you want to know more about my journey with the SFM make you you read  HOW DOES IT WORK-Page and sign up for the free video series of my mentors.

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