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You are on time!

are you on time?

Need a peptalk?

Ask yourself: What are you going to do with the time you have left?

If you do not reposition yourself, you could miss the best time in your life.
In this season of life.
We have got to change the way we think,
the way we function,
the way we deal with issues.
And the reason why is because many of us are stuck between the lines of
limited thinking
and limited people
and limited philosophies.

You need to wake up in a situation where you can say: Let there be light!
Let there be healing!
Let there books!
Let there be CHANGE!

Don’t be afraid, but ask yourself:
Did you fight long enough for the dreams you used to dream?
Did you do what it takes to pursue your passion?

Stand still. And be honest.
road into schwarzwald

This time is not easy, I know.
It can be tough as hell.
You have to have the courage to live with pressure and criticism of others.
You have to be tough to stand it.
You have to be able to live with the gossips,
with the hate mail.
With the negative emotions around you.
You have to be tough with your boss,
who shows you who is in power.

But what do we do with those difficult moments?
Do we just HAVE them?
And go home, waiting for the next one to arrive?

Are we addicted to those moments?
Are we afraid to take action to change something about our lives?


Write down what the things are you have to address

Because you do not have to accept it the way it is.
You do not have to live a life in which you aren’t fulfilled.

Somewhere inside of you is creativity.
Everyone has this creativity.
So I would say: Break out of the barriers and limitations.
Get outside of the box others and yourself have placed you in.
think outside the box

You have got to take it one day at the time.

And at the end of the day you say:
I am not finished!
But I have done everything today that I was supposed to do for my passions, for my life, for my season.

Your season is shifting.
In this state, you will be able to do things in a way you have never done before!

You haven’t sung your best song yet.

You haven’t created your best speech yet.

You haven’t thought your greatest thought yet.

You haven’t written down your best idea yet.

You haven’t dreamt your best dream yet.

You haven’t laughed your best laugh yet.

You haven’t had your greatest day yet.

It’s somewhere inside of you.

Bridge Kyrgystan

You are a miracle looking for a place to HAPPEN.
You have got all kind of things locked up inside of you that are about to come forward in such a time as THIS!

Yes, the time is right!
The stage is set!
The conditions are in order!
Something awesome is about to happen in your life.

Don’t let anybody tell you-you’re too old.
Don’t let anybody tell you-you’re too young.
Don’t let anybody tell you to fit in, you can’t do it or you would make a fool of yourself.

Your path is the right path and your timing is the right timing!

Every day you wake up in the morning it’s a sign: The best is yet to come.

This is your moment and you just have to be determined to grab it by the balls and LIVE it.

What are you going to do with the time you have left?

spring in prague
Prague spring ’18


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