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How to break down your limiting beliefs?(2 minutes read)

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Limiting beliefs, or mostly: Negative beliefs are all around in our head.
Even the most confident looking of people have them and suffer from them.
When I was a student starting at the conservatory at the age of 17 I had many beliefs being put in my head by a number of people. Some were positive, but very often they were negative.
As a performing artist, I know that there Is quite a lot of hardship in our so desired careers.
We are always creating a thicker skin to bounce off the negativity.
Being rejected over and over again for different auditions does take its toll.
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Limiting beliefs can cause serious damage for you.
If bad things have been said to you too often, you will start to believe it.
And if you don’t do anything against it, it will become part of your reality.
It becomes the brain’s default mode or the “normal mode”. You’ll get a negative self-image.

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Payers for a better life are great. Just make sure you truly believe them to come true.

I have suffered from this greatly in the last 10 years.
Although I always tried to be positive and helped others where I could, I could not protect myself enough for the judgment of others and thus negative feelings about myself, my limiting beliefs, pushed my self-image down.
It continued during all my study years and manifested last spring when I reached the bottom of my artistic life.  After that, I realized there is only one way to solve it: Getting rid of the limiting beliefs.
I cannot change another person. I can’t help if nasty things are being said to me or about me, but I can change how I feel about those gossips and not let them be part of my thoughts.
Because we all know that: Thoughts become Things.
So when you think: “He is better than me”… Well, guess what: He will be better than you.
And that will only give you the proof for your limiting belief.
Your brains say: “Ha! Told you so!” And so you’ll get into the negative spiral. You’re drowning.
And that is exactly what we need to get rid of. And we can! That is the beauty of it all.

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Being a member of SFM (Six Figure Mentors) the mentors and its community have guided me so far and I love to share a little insight with you on this topic.

Are you unsure about what limiting beliefs are? I mean things such as:
-I am not good enough.
-I am too old.
-I am too young.
-I am not smart enough
-I will never get there.
-I am not lovable.
-I am a bad person.
And of course, there are many more.

So how to change the limiting beliefs?

The moment you hear your brain say: “Oh but I will never get there.”
You should have a counter answer like: “Really? Watch me!”
Or when your brain says: “No one will love me.”
You counter answer can be: “The right people love me already.”
And what about: “I am not smart enough!”
Counter answer: “If I listen, practice and ask questions, I will understand it.”
And the ultimate one which we all have: “I will never be enough.”
Your counter answer is: “I am doing the best I can.”

fuck yeah! I do it!
Do this consistently!
Whenever you say something negative about yourself to yourself, immediately have a counter answer. This is a practice. It won’t come to you falling from the sky.
Work it. Every day.
This way your brain will create a new default mode. A positive one.
This way you create a life you love.

I am doing the MindsetReset challenge and wrote 2 other BLOGS about it.
Check them here: My SFM Journey: MindsetReset or join the challenge together with 230.000 others around the globe hosted by Mel Robbins.

spring in prague
Prague spring ’18

The purpose of my day is letting go of my negative stuff – Irene Webster

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  1. I think I am not enough for my boyfriend, although he says he loves me very much. I need to work more on myself. Nice blog, I am not sure if I can say positive things to myself. Maybe I have to do it more than once a day.

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