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Visualize your upcoming performance!

sydney opera house being spied on by a bird

6 years ago I was so in love with another singer.
A blond german bass, I mean…yeah…what did I want more?!
He called me his sunshine and always admired my positivity.
But, it’s not always easy to stay positive in the field I work in. The Performing Arts can be quite harsh. That’s why I take part in the 35 day Mindset Reset experience with Mel Robbins.
Here is something powerful that we discussed at the beginning of 2019.

You probably already know that working with visualization is super powerful and can totally reset your brain.
So today it’s about that!
For the MindsetReset training, Mel talks about visualizing every day for one thing you want to change in these categories: Body, Work/School, Money, LoveLife, Friendship, Selfworth.
BUT we can also visualize for a performance which didn’t happen yet!

In the summer I was super anxious and very self-aware of every mistake I made in the past in a certain performance. When the production came back, I was afraid to fall into the same mistakes.
I used visualization to get over the fear to get back on the stage again.

I visualized the entire process. From me walking into the theatre to my dressing room, to the soundcheck, seeing the colleagues and look at their faces, singing the soundcheck full confidence, changing into the costume, singing again…
I made everything as real as possible. Just I as remembered from the last show.
It took time.
I realized I skipped over things. Some things I didn’t want to see.
I had to force myself to make the images in my head as clear as possible.
It was a long process and took several weeks, but it helped me so much!
I put on such a good show that night and a burden fell off my shoulders.

So believe me, if I can do this, you can too!

Singing Drusilla, Monteverdi - Poppea
Singing Drusilla (L’incoronazione di Poppea)

Mel Robbins suggests that by daily visualizing this, seeing yourself really going through en entore process, on in my case, a rehearsal/ performance and being emotionally involved in the action, your brain will start to accept this as something that will happen in this exact way.

First I though it is too good to be true.
Will it really help me?
I was super sceptical.
But damn…it worked so well! Thats why I advise it to everyone. Especially when you are nervous for a certain show.

As research tells us:  the brain doesn’t know the difference between something that actually happened, or something you visualize!

Seriously! isn’t that the coolest thing you head today?

stream in germany
Make your visualizations as clear as this small stream of water.

So okay another one.

What about self-worth?
As described in the previous BLOG about MindsetReset My self-worth got a serious hit in 2018.
And to be sure it will be better in 2019 one thing I want to change is to speak up immediately when something is not to my liking.
Now I don’t say that everything has to go according to my wishes, but if I don’t say anything…then people also do not know.
Usually, I keep many things t myself because I do not want to make a drama. And although I think this is a good thing to do, and more people could adopt this, it also means that I often do not say how I actually feel.
For example, last season my boss and I discussed taking part in a press conference. Only I actually didn’t want to. I told him that I wasn’t sure about taking part, but he was like: “Noo, please you have to come!”
I felt like I couldn’t say NO to it. I didn’t want to disappoint him.
Ánd let’s face it: he is a very charming man. So seriously it’s quite hard to say NO to his puppy eyes.

But I know now that I should have explained to him more detailed why I rather not do that kind of press conference. I didn’t speak up for myself.
I just let it be.
Was it fear? Most probably.

And what happened as a result?
I felt super super uncomfortable during the press conference.
Afterwards, I asked myself: Why why why did I put myself in this situation???
Because, yes..I did it myself. I was too shy, or too scared, or too insecure, or whatever to say NO.

A month ago a similar situation took place about a newspaper interview. But luckily I already worked so much more with visualizations so it went a better.

But funnily enough: what did I do at first?
First I came up with a bunch of excuses. I really couldn’t take part in the interview, because at the scheduled time I already …blah blah.
And what did they do? They just proposed another time for the interview!!!
OMG! So that didn’t work…

Then I visualized myself just telling the truth to them. I saw myself and the production manager and that is wasn’t a problem at all.
After that, I decided to do exactly that and what happened? It was no problem whatsoever. They could totally understand it.

I wish I had done this last spring with the press conference.
But I am sure something like this will come up again and then at least I have already managed the skills to say NO.
Now I can visualize myself standing in his office, saying: I rather don’t take part because of such and such. I visualize him smiling and saying: “Okay, good you tell me this. No problem at all.”
I visualize feeling happy to stand up for myself without any lame excuse.
be confidence, think you can do everything

So, If people ask what I am doing now: Well…visualizing is an important start of my day now!
And…suddenly the long train rides are not such a problem anymore!

I love it!
Visualizing every show, every rehearsal, every little uncomfortable talk.
Even performing music I don’t know yet!
I do it with with the utmost precision.
That is an absolute must.
See yourself doing it and every detail of it.
Feel yourself doing it.

And most importantly: Believe it!
Not just, hoping for something, dreaming about it but thinking deep down, it will never happen.
That doesn’t work.
You have to be 100% involved and with a strong desire that this is the way you will do it.

Exciting times ahead guys!
Only 1 minute a day visualizing is something we can all do!

Super curious about your experience with visualization, drop me a line if you want to share your feelings.
And here I put Mel’s Live Video from the 35 MindSet Reset Training about Visualization.

And if you want to know more about the Journey is yours and how it works go to the How does it work page.

spring in prague
Spring in Prague

Having light and flowers in your life is a question of taking consistent action through love

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  1. I recognize some things in this story from the stories you told me last time we saw eachother. I am happy to see you change negative experiences into someting positive. Real strength!

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