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Stage artists sometimes need to RESET their MINDSET

Swans of Prague, spring 2018

Yesterday MindsetReset with Mel Robbins started. It’s a 35 day experience designed to get rid of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and it gives SIMPLE tools to reset your mindset and have your most positive and productive year ever.

Yes – Yes – YES. Give me some of that!
2018 was an extremely hard year and I feel like the artist in me needs some mind resetting!

The first exercise was about completing 2018. As we are all so done with this year, we tend to want a new year and don’t think about what happened in the last 12 months and what we learned.

See below the worksheet that Mel uses.

Mindset Reset

I seriously kept deleting my answers. I kept changing the numbers. Look at my notes below.
But let me tell you how I came up with those numbers.

mindset reset day 2

My body : 5
1-hate it    10- love it
This year has been taking its toll on my body, not because of bad eating habits, but because of stress.
Although I am very healthy and for me switching to Vegan 2 years ago has made an immensely positive impact on my body. But 2018 gave me so much stress in the middle of the year that my weight has been fluctuating like crazy. Was I still in the perfect balance in February ’18, by July I almost lost my round bum and my face was so thin, some people thought I was sick. So I cannot give it more than a 5.

My work/school : 6
1-hate it  10- love it
Actually, I wanted to give it a 9, because I love singing and acting, but thinking more about it I decided 2018 was more a 6.
When I am with a lovely group, with the colleagues and friends I respect or even choose it’s an absolute 9, but unfortunately I don’t always have that pleasure, so I had to scale it down.
2018 often made me think if this job is the right one, because of the negative emotions involved. It has been quite challenging to keep my head up.

My money: 7
1- scared  10- prepared
Look how I first have it a 5. It was kind of automatic, but actually, it’s really more a 7. Since I started my online business, my mind is free, I am free to go and do what I want and apparently thén money comes to you.
So I gave it a 7 in the end. Still carefully you know?

My Love Life: 5
1- disconnected  10- connected
(This one works better when you have a partner)
I gave it a 5 because I am not seeing anyone at the moment. And although I would love to be with someone, I am not unhappy about being single.
Also in the darkest days of 2018, I could find someone whom I love and who loves me in return, and that (surprise surprise) is MYSELF! HA!
No seriously: there are people around you who care, even when you are not aware of it. So I would never rate it under a 5. That is too strict for me.

My friendships: 6
1- empty   10- full
My mom couldn’t believe I only gave it a 6.
I am sure from the outside it seems like I have tons of friends. But for me, there are different types of friendships. So…the truth is, I have only a few I trust sincerely and many of them live abroad. Now with all the current technology we have, that is not a big problem, but this ís something that can make me feel a bit empty.

My self-worth: 8 – 4 – 8
1- hate me   10-love me
My self-worth has been the biggest challenge of 2018
The beginning of 2018 was pretty good, but May to September I had to keep talking to myself in my head. Something like: “Better days will appear again.” “Keep believing in the good!”
I decided it’s better to break this year in 3 parts. It started with an 8, reached down to 4 and in the end, I crawled back up. Happy to close the year feeling pretty good and proud of myself.

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They are specially written for you.

spring in prague
me in Prague spring 2018
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