The Second Decision

I will seek wisdom

When I started my journey with SFM, Six Figure Mentors. They suggested reading this book: “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews about the seven decisions that determine personal success.
And I have to say: That is the best book I read in 2018!
I was blown away. No wonder this was a New York Times Bestseller!
You can click on the menu The 7 decisions and find the page with the other little summaries.
Make Success Happen!


I will seek wisdom.
And although we are all grown-ups now, wisdom is out there waiting to be gathered. By you!
We know that we cannot change the past, but if we aren’t satisfied with our lives, we can change the future!
We can do that by seeking wisdom first.
This way we will know exactly what it is we truly want in our lives.

When we seek wisdom we will also come to realize that many others do the same.
These people will be the ones that we will feel connected with as we are all embarking on a great journey.

Sometimes it can be daunting to look for inspiration, guidance and motivation in a direction you previously were not interested in.
But if we seek for more than life offers us now, we will find that seeking wisdom is like a sweet touch of sun rays.
The words of wise people who went before us can lift us up. It can guide us and show us new paths.
They do this only because they want to share their wisdom with you.

In a world of abundance, everyone who wants to be associated with eagles will learn to fly high.
And that is precisely what happens when you will seek wisdom.

I will seek wisdom

But what when no one seems available to you?
Look inside yourself. Because also you gathered wisdom from previous experiences.
Learn to listen to yourself and others on your path to seeking wisdom.
It’s out there and you can find it to change your life and the lives of the ones around you.

Do you want to know how David Ponder, the main character in the Traveler’s gift, comes across this second decision? Then get yourself a copy of the book, because I am not the one to kiss and tell.
The Traveler's gift

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