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How to set your goals for the new year?

new year's resolutions

Inspired I was by my mentor Ilan Ferdman of the Six Figure Mentors last week.
He posted an incredible video on our community page. Here I will tell you a bit about what he said.
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Now that the new year is almost upon us many of us start to think about their goals, their new year’s resolutions.
And we make lists of them. We tell our friends and family about them.
Only: do we actually keep to that list?
can we make it until February? Or do we fall in old habits by January 15th?

Many of us set various physical goals for the first months into the new year.
I want a six-pack.
I want to make a lot of money.
I want to become thinner.
I want to eat better.
I want to quit smoking.
I want to lose weight.

So I have a question for you: When you are not meeting these goals by, let’s say, March 31st, what do you think happens to you?

Don’t you think you are going to stress over it?

Be frustrated with yourself?
Feel anxious?
Feel like a failure?

Yes, you will feel all of that.
And that is not very good for your physical or mental health.

On top of that what will happen is that Life will just throw some more things at you to feel anxious, overwhelmed,  stressed, ashamed and frustrated about.

Because that is what happens: Stress attracts Stress.

And on the flipside, I think we can all agree that when we are feeling Love, Peace, Fulfillment, and Passion, naturally what happens is that the right people will show up in our lives.

Have you experienced this?

The right mentors, the right teachers, the right books that catch our eye, the right opportunities, the right friends will all come into our lives when we feel good.

Because that is the other rule: Like attracts like.

So your new year’s resolution doesn’t have to be a physical goal. It can be a question which you ask yourself:

How do I want to FEEL in this coming year?

Do you want to feel Passionate?

Do you want to feel Love?  Do you want to feel Hopeful?
feeling fulfilled

All of that is possible because you can choose to act accordingly to that wish.

Ask yourself this question: How do I want to feel in the new year?
And every day think about it.

When days pass by, you will slowly notice that the universe will help you on your journey.

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me and my cat
Me and my cat Joey feeling good
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