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5 steps for your online business

Major Disclaimer here. Read the bottom of the site.
Yes, unfortunately, results do vary. It all depends on how much you are motivated to work.
The sun may rise every day, but you my friend, have to do some work to see the results.

Combining an online business with my life as a performing artist is the best thing that happened in a long time.
Now I can wait for my train/plane to wherever and still work on my business since WIFI is everywhere and I am glad that unless many of my colleagues I do not have to take on a side job.
Freedom in life is something I value very highly and now I have found it! I can tell you, it feels like white flowers falling over my head, but not just by coincidence! Because I take action and DO it!

spring in prague
me in Prague

So here are 5 things you will work with when you have an online business:

1. Targeted advertising.
Yes, this is the 21st Century! YEEY! Aren’t you happy? This is the first time in human history that we have the technology to do TARGETED ADVERTISING!
You can target your audience through various platforms and have your website or products shown to them within minutes! I mean…remember in 1910? No probably not, but I’m just saying that at THAT time something like this would be unthinkable. So embrace this era guys!

2. Lead generating website.
Yes, nowadays we can create a good looking website page within half an hour. And you do not need to be very technical. God knows I am not at all! But my mentor Stuart explained it all to me in a tutorial as part of my training at SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and then I created this website of which I am very proud!  I could put my beautiful pictures here to make it more personal.
And realize that you do this only once and then your website is online and working for you 24/7!
The real strength of the digital age.

3. Build your list.
Now we have autoresponders! People who sign up for your list can get an email from you a few minutes after signing up. Yes, also when you are in the shower, having breakfast with your wife, or play with your kid. Later when you have time you can follow up with the people on your list.
Read: in your own time!
So when you have the time?
Maybe when the kids fall asleep after a great family day. Great, then you go do your work.
You get to call the shots!

4. Provide Value
Now that you are interacting with your list, you can provide them something of value. Something that is unique to you. This will build trust. Nowadays people don’t like it when you offer something and they have no idea who you are. Aren’t you also like that?
I am. I rather buy something from someone I know or I feel I can trust plus of course their quality is good! And when they share the same values as me, that will only boost my trust.

5. Promote quality products.
Don’t go for the crappy cheapy child labour products.
It’s not worth all the effort and work you put in it!
Go for the ‘high ticket’ ones as my mentors call it. And make sure that are aligned with your business. Something you really believe in. Something you use or have tried yourself. This way you will be the perfect ambassador for it.

stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
My mentors Stuart and Jay

I learned all of this from my mentors Stuart and Jay at SFM Six Figure Mentors and I couldn’t be more happy about it. It has been an amazing ride so far and I am growing every day with my business as also in self-awareness.
If you want to know more about my mentors or maybe just check out their FREE video series to see what all the fuss is about: Click here to get them!

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