The First Decision

My life won't be an apology

One of the books my mentors at the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) suggested me to read was “The Traveler’s gift” by Andy Andrews about the seven decisions that determine personal success.
I was blown away by it and read it within a few days.
So well written! No wonder this was a New York Times Bestseller!
On this page, you will find little summaries of the seven decisions.
I would say: Read them carefully. Think about them and take action by, first of all, getting yourself a copy of the book and then: Make the seven decisions work for your own life!


The Buck stops here! A phrase popularized by the American President Harry Truman.
It means that he took responsibility for his actions and decisions and didn’t pass it on to someone else. (1)
And this is exactly right, although we often feel tempted to pass guild on to someone else.
We are late because of the delayed train.
We didn’t finish the required tasks before the meeting because our husband was ill.
We didn’t call back because the kids were going wild.
We didn’t come to the party because someone did something and that affected us so much we didn’t make it to the bus stop in time and then we decided we just won’t go anymore.
Or just because it was raining.
Growing up in a raining and windy country I know blaming the weather is a popular thing to do.

The examples I use here are quite simple ones, but it also counts for the bigger decisions like:
choosing a certain study and becoming quite frustrated and angry when there are no jobs to be found by the time you finished.
Or working for years for a certain company, thinking you’ll be safe until your pension and suddenly you have to deal with a replacement. You would feel tempted to blame someone or something else for your misfortune.
It’s because of his….
I worked hard and then they…
I got false hope because of your…

I accept the responsibility

The words It’s not my fault! Should never come from your mouth again (2)

Because this doesn’t really help us in living a life we love. It actually makes us feel a bit sad because we feel like someone or something is working against us.

We can get out of that feeling when we take responsibilities for our decisions.

Ouch, that is somehow painful to hear! But when you get over that first feeling, it will free you!

I accept the responsibility for my past and I am responsible for my success.
My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement (2)

Do you want to know how David Ponder, the main character in the Traveler’s gift, comes across this first decision? Then get yourself a copy of the book, because I am not the one to kiss and tell.
The Traveler's gift

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(1) https://www.phrases.org.uk
(2) Andy Anderson – The Traveler’s Gift

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