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4 tips for waking up with a smile every single day (4 minute read)

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Since I am now an online business owner I have gone through an enormous development in my personal life and now that I have more time now to think, live in peace, create and write, I came up with these 4 tips, because my mentors speak about them in their speeches, webinars and on live events. I hope you enjoy it!

As the alarm clock goes, which in many cases is our smartphone we allow next to our bed, we shut it down, stare at the ceiling and think…hm…snooze another 5 minutes?

No,you don’t have to,here are your tips for waking up with a smile every single morning.

1. Know what you want. Have a vision.
And I don’t mean you have to be ‘spiritual’ and dreaming about how it would feel like to dance on a cloud, overseeing all of the earth… No, I mean: know what is truly important to you.
A little too often I hear people say:
“I don’t know what I want.”
“I don’t know what to do with my life.”
“I feel stuck.”
“I don’t have a real passion.”
Especially that last phrase always makes me shiver a bit because I see them looking at me with an envious eye thinking: “You are so lucky knowing about your passion!”
The truth is though: YOU HAVE A PASSION TOO!
You just never labeled it as such.
We do live in a world where we label everything. Everything has to be put in a box. We have closets full of boxes carefully stored in our brain and when needed, we grab something out of it.  Only to safely put it back exactly where we, or society, think it belongs.
1986 a woman with a stable job in the performing arts quit because she had a baby girl and her employer didn’t want her to work only 50%.
“Ha! That’s not passion! That’s just…taking care of your child!” you may say.
Let me tell you: it is passion. Passion for her family. She wanted to spend as much time as she could with her baby and not miss a moment. Not one single day did she regret that decision. She started to work again as a freelancer when the baby was old enough to go to the crèche a few times a week.  This woman is my mother.
Maybe society will not immediately label your passion as such, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a true one.

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2. Invest in your vision
Now that you know what you want and you know your vision, it’s important that you invest to make it come true.
In other words: Invest in yourself!
As a child, everything is sort of laid out for us.
We go to a school where we learn languages, science, music, art and we play some sports.
We have a weekly plan and we are told exactly at what time we have to be somewhere, how long the lesson will take, what we need to know by the end of the year and how important that next exam is.
As an adult, investing in yourself is pretty scary. It could even make you feel like a dummy.
I see many people who kind of drift through their lives.
They have a certain education, they follow it, they get a job, they get a house, a partner, a dog or cat and then feel like they have to start about having children.
If there is something down that road which is not in sync with what they truly, secretly, desire, most of them just hope something better will come along to pull them out of that feeling. They kind of sit it out.
They don’t invest anymore. It’s a certain way of sleepwalking I think. But why do we do that?
Everywhere around us are resources to help us invest in our goals and to help us gain knowledge.
There are so many people in the world with a certain expertise. For sure there is someone who can help you in your journey. Go find them! Investing in yourself will make you feel better in the morning.

work hard
3. Work hard
Ha ha! Yes, unfortunately, we do not have a fairy godmother. We simple folks have to work on our dreams every day. The beauty about this is that: Clarity is POWER.
Now that you have defined your vision and your goals, you know what to do to invest in them, it gives a very clear idea in your head. So the next step is to work hard and serious.
And I promise you: This “hard work”  will come much easier to you then when you didn’t have any clarity. That is why the first 2 steps are very important. Clarity in your head will give you so much strength.
To give a small example about myself: This coming Christmas I am singing a massive piece of music on a small tour. I love this music. It’s totally my thing.
BUT I have never sung all of it at once! And let me tell you…it’s a lot!
On top of that, I created special variations in the music, this is allowed and also very much encouraged, which are really pretty difficult.
I have to study my ass off!
Do I like to practice half tones until my ears crumble? Not too much, I can tell you!
But I know that when I, in my long red gala dress, sing right up that scale hitting pure tuned high B-flats, it will be freaking amazing!
So yes: This “work” I do doesn’t feel like work, because I have set a clear vision and a goal for myself.

4. Define your values
This is one of my favorites. I think about this every day. Being a very sensitive individual in a harsh industry I have found myself more than once in an undesirable situation. But instead of feeling to adjust to the behavior of people around me I always try to stay true to my own values.
To give you an example I list here some of mine:
Not listed in a particular order
Kindness and teamwork: I believe in giving over receiving and working together over the individual competition. If you give more, you will receive more in the end. And if you work as a team, your individual person will grow stronger.
Loyalty, Trust, and Honesty: Oh I’ll tell you, people not being honest to me or being nice in my face but talking shit behind my back, trying to manipulate me…It can seriously break my heart and I have to work hard to find the strength to trust them again. And on my side: I try to be as loyal and honest to those that are important and have shown their trust and belief in me. Especially those who have stood at my side when things got rough.
Forgiveness and Compassion: Now these are hard. I find forgiveness harder than compassion, because my pride and my overloaded feeling of justice sometimes stands in between, so that is definitely a point to work on.

Knowing your values are so important, because if we don’t check in our values on a regular basis, then we just stumble through life.
If we don’t try and correct them when we lose a part, when we do not remember them, we become a victim of our circumstances. This can lead to long periods of tiredness in our lives where we do not feel fulfilled.
And why would you want that?

So here it is. My 4 tips to waking up with a smile every morning.
I got to think about them much more since I joined the SFM and I encourage you to dive into them as well and make them your own.

Now that I have started my own online business I have much more freedom, peace of mind and inspiration to do things I care about. Like writing, spending time with my friends and family and creating, always creating new ideas.
I am again in the flow of life.
If you are interested in doing something similar to use more of your potential, you can always reach out to me.
Or just click the link below and I’ll send you the introduction videos of my mentors who taught me how to have my online business.
–> Start the journey! <–
I welcome you to leave me a comment below.
The Journey is yours!

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  1. Your receipt is good and I hope some people get inspired by that because as we know – not so many people are happy about their lives.

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