How to be a good tourist in Amsterdam from a bike’s point of view (3 minute read)

Amsterdam bike at the bridge

A little inside from a proud Amsterdam bike who likes to ride alongside the canals of Amsterdam and help you dear friends from outside this marvelous city to stay safe and most of all not annoy us or our humans.

Fact is, I am really happy that you chose my city for your midweek break. I do appreciate you for boosting our economy as you will spend money on 1 or 2 night, have dinner, shop for flowers, cheese, jewels, diamonds, and couture. And probably also another ‘kind of shopping’…but we won’t get into detail.

In here I’ll tell you about how to behave when you are walking in the streets of Amsterdam.
Most people tend not to understand that there is a certain code for this.
The unwritten rules.
So you can be very happy I will list the easiest ones down for you!
Bikes in Amsterdam on bridge

Amsterdam city bike rules

1. When you want to take a picture of the Anne Frank House, you can go to the other side of the canal and have it wíth the water and the house (And of course the huge line of people which will automatically photobomb your shot). Make sure the closer you walk towards to water, there is no reminder at the end of the quay…

2. When the light turns green and you want to cross the street, you look once left, once right and once left. You keep doing that until you reach the other side.
Does it sound stupid? I think it is more than necessary as you’ll never know from which side I or one of my brothers/sisters come in high and sweep you off your feet.

3. When you walk through the 9 little streets, I know they are just fabulous, make sure that you do walk on the tiny little sidewalks. Also if that means you have to squeeze your butt between another tourist and the window of the mini snackbar. Stay on the sidewalk at all times, or our humans will angry ring their bells and maybe even call you names.

4.  For sure, you will visit the museum neighborhood! There you‘ll inhale the smell of renovated buildings and freshly mowed grass. Of course, you will walk under the Rijksmuseum and listen to the musicians play. But please do not stand on the bikers road going under the Rijksmuseum. Yes, I understand you want to take a selfie with the musicians, but remember that the bike is holy here and you will fail trying to make an argument when we ride your socks off.

5. When the pedestrian light turns red, you stop. I know it sounds like common sense, but I tell you once more: you stop on the sidewalk and wait. Just because this is the city where everything is allowed, it still means you have to obey ús, the bikes. So you wait until it’s your turn to cross the street.

Amsterdam Oude kerk, bikes

6. There are certain squares or market streets where it seems like bikes are not allowed. Ha! Don’t be fooled! We are allowed everywhere. Or at least we are tolerated on those look alike pedestrian places. Always look out for us. We are the fierce heart of the city.

7. What is the ultimate romance in Amsterdam? You might think it happens on one of the tourist boats with a bunch of bridge lights and such. No, no it happens with us! We provide the ultimate romantic experience for our humans. Lovers bike side to side and hold hands. So when you see this, don’t just stand there and think they will break their bond to bike of both sides of you! Get the hell back to the side road and let them pass.

8. Sometimes our humans park us on the sidewalk because they have to go quickly into a shop or something like that. This doesn’t mean you can just move us aside when you want to pass.
You are supposed to walk around us. If that means you have to walk a bit over the road and be hit by a car, then so be it.

9. I know Amsterdam is seen as party city by many people. But when you are drunk or stoned and you try to find your hotel, that doesn’t mean you can touch one of the parked bikes who are tied up to the bridge and try to throw them to the other side or into the water. We understand you want to show off for your girl by doing so, but we guarantee that it’s not something she will be impressed about.

amsterdam bike canal

10. When you think you have mastered the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with bikes in Amsterdam, I do have to remind you of the trams. So one quick piece of advice here: make sure you do not stand in the middle of the tram rails to take a picture of one of the dancing house. It is highly annoying for a bike when a tram has stopped and Í cannot cross the street.

Now that you have a few simple rules to apply when you visit Amsterdam, I could understand that you might think: I would like to ride a bike in this city!
I highly recommend you not to admit to this desire as there are still many unwritten rules only WE know.

So, happy walking and enjoy your stay!
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