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Making the shift

Let me tell you about the beginning.
After my journey to Nepal where was working as a volunteer and I went deep into an extreme environment, so different from the things I was used to, I am ready and oh so willing to make a shift in my life.
I call myself so lucky to have found incredible mentors who are helping me along the way and I would like to share with you one of the assignments they had me do.

Describe your Ideal Day.

How do your mornings, work day and evenings look like?
Who is there with you and how do you feel?
What do you smell and what do you eat?
Afterward, send it to five people.

Writing it down was not a problem for me. Words were just flowing. My fingers couldn’t type fast enough for all the ideas that were launched from my brain.

Writing plans for the future
Working and learning in the comfort of my own home

But sending it to five people? That was something else.
The little voice in my head said: “I don’t want to send it!”
Why not? I asked myself.
“It’s scary. They will laugh at me. These wishes and dreams are coming straight from my heart. I fear they will not understand it.”
What I was basically saying to myself is that I was afraid of these dreams.
As a child, I didn’t have this fear. As an adult, I did.

“But does it matter what others think,” I asked myself.
No, it doesn’t! Sharing ideas like this could encourage others to do the same. It could make them think about their own dreams, their own hopes and will surely bring up a conversation.

And so I did.
I chose my people carefully though and I got positive responses from all of them.
But one was really standing out: “If there is anyone who can make this happen, it’s you, Meneka.”

And with that, I continue to make the shift towards a Life by my own Design. A life that has me jumping out of bed in the morning to enjoy every waking minute of it and sharing it with others in kindness and compassion.
Is that difficult? Well, let’s say that it’s not easy.
But if you have a goal, a dream, a fantasy, if you feel like you want to tap into your life’s purpose, then there are many opportunities to make that happen. And that work will not feel like work at all.
This is 2018 after all. We do not need to be so dependent on a boss, set hours or have only one office anymore.
Every place in the world can be your office. The journey is yours to create! If you want to know who my mentors are and what they can mean for people like you and me, click and sign up for their workshop series!—>YES I want to make some changes in my life!<—

I will leave you for now with a video of one of my most beloved storytellers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Leave me a comment about it if you want.

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  1. Very inspiring! I can imagine it took some courage to send it to other people but they can indeed take it as their own starting point. 🙂

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