Welcome to my blog.
It’s meant for all who seek motivation to keep pursuing a lifestyle which gives them a fulfilled and happy feeling.

A way to do that is to start your own online business so that you create a passive income stream.
This is what I call: insuring your passion, or should I say insuring your lifestyle?
I did that with the education of SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and I am absolutely loving it!

If you have been around me for a while already or followed me on Instagram or Facebook, you might know what positive changes the education at SFM has brought to me to live a more abundant life with much more peace of mind.

I think an online business can help everyone pursue their dreams. Digital skills is what we need to get ahead nowadays. And believe me, that doesn’t mean its borning work. ON the contrary I find it fascinating what we can do with the technology we have these days.
Plus, having the technology work FOR you so that you can do something else and stop trading your time for money?
Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I especially recommend starting a online business and diving into digital skills learning to all who have a job that is more vulnerable, like me: the freelance (performing)artists.

And yes the tech part? because I hear you think: I am not technical. Well nowadays you don’t need to be technical because the setps have been made super easy by the tech guys and galls for the not-so-tech guys and gals.
So that is all taken care of!

If you are a freelancer in whatever workfield, chances are high that the Covid-19 pandemic has torn the ground underneath your feet and you are worried about your financial situation.

Now that the world is changing we will be more and more online and the digital economy is the economy of the future.
Don’t be sad about that,  having and online business is easier than you think and also loads of fun. Plus, we have to remind ourselves that great things happen when we are outside of our comfortzone. In this field of discomfort and uncertainty , our creativity will be the brightest.

To you, I can only advise this: Do not to let the opportunity for making a (passive)  income stream online pas you by.
Take this opportunity seriously and protect yourself, your art and the ones you love.