Performing Artist meets her inner Digital Nomad

-Recognize when things are done well rather than criticize when things are done wrong. Amplify the positive-
  Simon Sinek

Hi there! My name is Meneka Senn and I want to welcome you on my website!

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For the others, let me continue:
You, me and many others might wonder what the Journey of Life is all about?
And are we actually getting everything out of this journey?

I am sure that some of you have asked questions like:
Could I achieve more?
Do I really use all of my potentials?
Is this all?
How can I create more time for my family and friends?
Would I be happier if I take on a different job?
Or maybe a job on the side to generate more income?
And the ultimate question of all: Could I still pursue my childhood dreams?

I am a performing artist and because of this industry, I know what it means to live with a true passion and dream.
As a child I was always acting, singing and dancing. Fortunately, with the help of very supportive parents, I made my way into being a professional performing artist.
Lulu Kentridge Dutch National Opera

This is my work now.
I adore it but I have colleagues and friends around me where the flame for artist life is turning into a small candlelight.
They are not fulfilled anymore.
It was once a passion…now it’s just “work”. Shifts. Not more to them that a standard 9 to 5.
I feel the negativity around me getting bigger and bigger. It hurts me to see my friends and colleagues like this.
The Arts are the most beautiful thing in our world!!
But sure, I also know that this freelance life we lead is not the easiest…
On the other hand, I have a dear friend who complains about his full-time job at the opera theatre (Getting well paid!) because he wanted to be a freelance artist to be more, well the word says it: FREE.

And that…you can be!

Me (left)  as Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart

GOOD NEWS! This is an amazing time to be alive!!

This is the time where we do not need to give up on our dreams! There are many ways we can use the digital features, the online web to our advantage.
The phones we carry in our pocket every day and the laptop on which we write our emails have much more to them than meets the eye.

We just aren’t aware of the immense amount of possibilities.

I know I wasn’t. For sure! I had NO IDEA!
A whole new doorway opened up for me when I first got introduces to the possibilities of having my online business.
I was so overwhelmed by that knowledge that I was just crying.
Hysterical I was!
Not joking!
There was even one day when I followed a couple of webinars, had a sleepless night afterward and the next morning asked myself: “Why am I so hungry?” Only to realize that I forgot to make dinner the previous night.
And if you know me…you know I love good food!

Finding a doorway which could lead to making a LIFE by your OWN DESIGN fed me and I forgot to cook dinner.

In a world where everything is on the digital highway, why shouldn’t we get a piece of that cake?
Or better: Give ourselves a piece of that cake!
Happiness is a piece of cake

What this could mean for you?
The net gives us an opportunity to generate an income. Yes – yes – it does.
I know it sounds crazy and as performing artist we immideately think: I am not technical, but believe me…even I could do it (very technical NITWIT!)

So…that means:

Freedom of Time
Can you imagine it? No?
It’s super big. But time it yours to fill in!
You need your laptop and an internet connection, okay….but for the rest?
You call the shots!

Geographical Freedom
Remember that Scandinavian lake where your family spent an amazing holiday and all felt inspired by nature? No?
Maybe because you haven’t been there…yet!
Having your online business gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!
School holidays? From now on, you will spend them with your kids somewhere.
Train life?  Not so boring anymore when you can work on your business while in it.
Performances in Sydney or Paris? Take your business with you and work between rehearsals, from the beach or in one of those cafés in Montmartre.

With this, I do not only mean money.
I am talking about the quality of your life. Your life and the lives of the ones you hold dear.
Wealth is about the freedom to design a life to your liking.
Last week I flew home from Prague. I was super early at the airport, plugged in my laptop and did a good 1,5 hour working on my business. Bye bye useless hours waiting!

Why should LIFE be a punishment?
Why would we even think that negative?

At first, I thought the world of the online Entrepreneur was too good to be true. I was very suspicious and approached it with caution. I did my research, watched everything my mentors talked about and talked with a couple of people who were living this lifestyle.

But it turned out to be the best choice in my life in a very long time!

I found countless possibilities to help me grow as a human being, artist and entrepreneur in both the online and offline world.

So I jumped, and instead of falling, I started to fly.

If you want to know more about the big WHY I went on this journey, click here..

This is the first time in history that we can use the digital features as our personal assistant to create a business.
So why aren’t we?
Happiness lies in our own hands.

© Jean van Lingen

So if you are curious and want to know more about HOW DOES THIS FREAKING WORK, go to the : How does it work page and I will introduce you to my awesome mentors.
I can send you the introduction video’s about their mind-blowing way to a better life, a happier life and thus a better world.

If you think: This is nothing for me, no worries at all, but I do challenge you to think about what you want to do, achieve and accomplish in your life.

The journey is yours, don’t waste it!

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Someone quoted David Deida once when he spoke about me: Everything you do now has an effect on the outside world and moves everyone. Your heart is speaking as well as your fear is mirrored. You breathe out love on a daily basis. You create joy. Your words inspire to freedom. Every one of your actions can open up hearts as well as minds.

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“I always had visions about what I am going to do in the future that will serve the performing arts. In 2018 they became very clear to me and I will take action to make them happen.”