Welcome to my blog.
It’s meant for all who seek motivation to keep pursuing their (artistic) passions and who do not want to give up on them. One way to do that is to start your own online business so that you create a passive income stream alongside your other activities. I did that with the education of SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and I am absolutely loving it! Sign up for their free workshop here!

I think in these days an online business can help everyone pursue their dreams, but I totally recommend it to all who have a job that is more vulnerable, like me: the freelance (performing)artists.

When I came accross this opportunity I felt like I found gold. At the SFM I learned how to be the one calling the shots about my income. Apart from that, I got to know amazing like minded people in the online community of the SFM and learned from the leaders and mentors about myself, my mindset, (online) entrepreneurship through calls and webinars.

The SFM are the best in their business. Super biased for me to say, I know. There are of course other programs like SFM around and you should totally see for yourself which one is a fit for you.

But really…. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
I strongly advise my community of freelance (performing) artists to take this opportunity seriously and protect yourself in the future from sudden loss of income.

Online business is easier than you think and loads of fun.

If you want to continue to the video series of my mentors Stuart and Jay where they explain everything in detail- click here: getting started with SFM

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spring in Prague